Hind Zaaraoui

Hind Zaaraoui
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Books And Theses

End-to-end resource management and service quality control with mobility in LTE / LTE-Advanced networks Gestion de ressources bout-en-bout et contrôle de la qualité de service en mobilité dans les réseaux LTE/LTE-Advanced,
Hind Zaaraoui ,


Heuristic approach for forecast scheduling,
Hind Zaaraoui, Zwi Altman, Sana Ben Jemaa, Eitan Altman , Tania Jimenez,
WCNC Workshops 2018, Barcelona, Spain
Forecast scheduling and its extensions to account for random events,
Hind Zaaraoui, Zwi Altman, Eitan Altman , Tania Jimenez,
ICIN 2018, Paris, France
Forecast scheduling for mobile users,
Hind Zaaraoui , Zwi Altman, Eitan Altman , Tania Jimenez,
PIMRC 2016, Valence, Spain
Beam focusing antenna array technology for non-stationary mobility,
Hind Zaaraoui , Zwi Altman, Eitan Altman ,
WCNC 2016, Doha, Qatar
Alleviating Cellular Network Congestion Caused by Traffic Lights,
Hind Zaaraoui , Zwi Altman,
VTC Spring 2015


Time-Energy Heisenberg Principle Incertitude and Spacetime Curvature,
Hind Zaaraoui,
Spacetime curvature, a potential result of the quantum mass/energy Information Entropy,
Hind Zaaraoui,
Modeling of Human Reaction Creation following an Event arrival in the Brain: a quantum and a relativistic approach,
Hind Zaaraoui,
Analytical results for two users' forecast scheduling,
Hind Zaaraoui , Zwi Altman, Eitan Altman , Tania Jimenez,