Flavia Salutari

Flavia Salutari
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Books And Theses

Longitudinal, large-scale and unbiased Internet measurements Mesuré d'Internet à large échelle, longitudinale et sans biais,
Flavia Salutari ,


Implications of the Multi-Modality of User Perceived Page Load Time,
Flavia Salutari , Diego Neves Da Hora, Matteo Varvello, Renata Teixeira , Vassilis Christophides, Dario Rossi,
MedComNet 2020, Arona, Italy
A Large-scale Study of Wikipedia Users' Quality of Experience,
Flavia Salutari , Diego Neves Da Hora, Gilles Dubuc, Dario Rossi,
WWW 2019
A Closer Look at IP-ID Behavior in the Wild,
Flavia Salutari , Danilo Cicalese , Dario Rossi ,
PAM 2018, Berlin, Germany
UMAP: Urban mobility analysis platform to harvest car sharing data,
Alessandro Ciociola, Michele Cocca, Danilo Giordano, Marco Mellia, Andrea Morichetta, Andrian Putina , Flavia Salutari ,

Journal articles

AutoML: state of the art with a focus on anomaly detection, challenges, and research directions,
Maroua Bahri, Flavia Salutari , Andrian Putina , Mauro Sozio ,
International Journal of Data Science and Analytics 2022
Analyzing Wikipedia Users' Perceived Quality of Experience: A Large-Scale Study,
Flavia Salutari , Diego Neves Da Hora, Gilles Dubuc, Dario Rossi,
IEEE Trans. Netw. Serv. Manag. 2020