Fangwei Ye

Institution Nokia Bell Labs
GroupFormer members of the LINCS


On a Simple Characterization of Secure Exact-repair Regenerating Codes,
Fangwei Ye, Shiqiu Liu, Kenneth W. Shum, Raymond W. Yeung,
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On independent distributed source coding problems with exact repair,
Congduan Li, Fangwei Ye, Xuan Guang, Zhiheng Zhou, Chee-Wei Tan, Raymond W. Yeung,
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Fangwei Ye , Kenneth W. Shum, Raymond W. Yeung,
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Journal articles

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On Secure Exact-repair Regenerating Codes with a Single Pareto Optimal Point,
Fangwei Ye, Shiqiu Liu, Kenneth W. Shum, Raymond W. Yeung,
CoRR 2018