Thesis defense “Tractable Reliable Communication in Compromised Networks”

Speaker : Giovanni Farina
UPMC Sorbonne
Date: 21/12/2020
Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Reliable communication is a fundamental primitive in distributed systems prone to Byzantine (i.e. arbitrary, and possibly malicious) failures to guarantee integrity, delivery, and authorship of messages exchanged between processes. Its practical adoption strongly depends on the system assumptions. Several solutions have been proposed so far in the literature implementing such a primitive, but some lack in scalability and/or demands topological network conditions computationally hard to be verified.
This thesis aims to investigate and address some of the open problems and challenges implementing such a communication primitive. Specifically, we analyze how a reliable communication primitive can be implemented in 1) a static distributed system where a subset of processes is compromised, 2) a dynamic distributed system where part of the processes is Byzantine faulty, and 3) a static distributed system where every process can be compromised and recover.
We define several more efficient protocols and we characterize alternative network conditions guaranteeing their correctness.

This is a joint thesis with Sapienza Università di Roma, Rome.

You can access the videoconference through the following link

ID Zoom conference: 823 0086 3370
Passcode: 658626

The member of the jury are:

  • M. Pierre Sens (LIP6, Sorbonne Université) – President
  • M. Luca Becchetti (DIAG, Sapienza Università di Roma) – Examiner
  • Mme. Maria Potop-Butucaru (LIP6, Sorbonne Université) – Examiner
  • M. Andrea Vitaletti (DIAG, Sapienza Università di Roma) – Examiner
  • M. Xavier Défago (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo) – Reviewer
  • M. Roy Friedman (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Isreael) – Reviewer
  • Mme. Silvia Bonomi (DIAG, Sapienza Università di Roma) – Thesis co-director
  • M. Sébastien Tixeuil (LIP6, Sorbonne Université) – Thesis co-director

The presentation will be in English.