Thesis Defense : Optimization and control of energy storage in smart grid

Speaker : Umar Hashmi
Date: 06/12/2019
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: Paris-Rennes Room (EIT Digital)


This thesis is motivated by the electric power system transformations due to more renewable integration and changing consumption patterns. Energy storage is one possible solution to facilitate a smooth transition, ensuring the stability of the power system. In this thesis Li-Ion battery is used both at the level of individual consumers, minimizing the cost of electricity by performing energy arbitrage under time-varying electricity price, power factor correction, peak demand shaving and energy backup, and at the grid level for increasing reliability and stability of the power network by performing dynamic regulation and phase balancing. The cost of the batteries being still high, the importance is also given to the health of the battery taking into account its degradation in optimization and control formulations. Several case studies using real data are conducted to evaluate the performance of the storage control and optimization algorithms. We observe that the ever-decreasing prices of batteries and the growing share of intermittent renewables will only increase the relevance of this work for future power networks.