Talk by a member of LINCS Scientific Committee “Distributing service execution”

Speaker : Holger Karl
Universität Paderborn
Date: 18/11/2020
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: Teams + LINCS Seminar Rooms


Services often consists of independent components that can be executed independently (so-called microservices) and they often deal with very large user populations. This setup presents various opportunities, e.g., reducing latency or overheads, by executing service instances close to the user. This talk will look at several algorithmic and engineering problems in this context, for both backhaul networks and wired networks.


Holger Karl received his PhD in 1999 from Humboldt University Berlin; afterwards, he joined Technical University Berlin. Since 2004, he is Professor for Computer Networks at Paderborn University. His main research interests are wireless communication and architectures for the Future Internet. Recently, he has focused mostly on SDN and NFV.


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