Can we automate our own work — or show that it is hard?

Speaker : Prof. Jukka Suomela
Aalto University
Date: 24/02/2021
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: Zoom + LINCS


Computer scientists seek to understand what can be automated, but what do we know about automating our own work? Can we outsource our own research questions to computers? In this talk I will discuss this question from the perspective of the theory of distributed computing. I will present not only recent examples of human-computer-collaborations that have resulted in major breakthroughs in our understanding of distributed computing, but I will also explore the fundamental limits of such approaches.


Jukka Suomela ( is Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University, Finland. His work focuses on the theoretical foundations of distributed and parallel computing, with particular emphasis on the concept of locality. He was the PC chair of DISC 2019 and SIROCCO 2016 and one of the local chairs of ALGO 2018, he has served in the EATCS council, and he is currently the vice chair of the DISC steering committee. He has received the FOCS 2019 best paper award and DISC 2012 and 2017 best paper awards, as well as a number of teaching awards.


Here’s the Zoom link to attend the seminar talk:

  • ID de réunion : 942 7058 3366
  • Code secret : 821734