Classification of Load Balancing in the Internet

Speaker : Matthieu Gouel
Date: 31/03/2021
Time: 10:45 am - 12:00 pm


Dear all, 

Next Wednesday (31/03/2021) will take place the first Internet Measurement reading group !
We will talk about the following paper : Classification of Load Balancing in the Internet (
I encourage you to join us at 10:45 for a virtual coffee break, so that the talk begins at 11:00.


Recent advances in programmable data planes, software-defined networking, and the adoption of IPv6 support novel, more complex load balancing strategies. We introduce the Multipath Classification Algorithm (MCA), a probing algorithm that extends traceroute to identify and classify load balancing in Internet routes. MCA extends existing formalism and techniques to consider that load balancers may use arbitrary combinations of bits in the packet header for load balancing. We propose optimizations to reduce probing cost that are applicable to MCA and existing load balancing measurement techniques. Through large-scale measurement campaigns, we characterize and study the evolution of load balancing on the IPv4 and IPv6 Internet with multiple transport protocols. Our results show that load balancing is more prevalent and that load balancing strategies are more mature than previous characterizations have found.

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Heure : 31 mars 2021 10:45 AM Paris
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