How to create pure Python web apps (Solara+AnyWidget)

Speaker : Alonso Silva
Nokia Bell Labs
Date: 22/05/2024
Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Location: Room 4B01


Solara lets you build pure Python web apps. These apps work both inside the Jupyter Notebook and as standalone web apps.

With Solara, you benefit from a paradigm that promotes component-based code and simplifies state management, making the development process more efficient and the applications more maintainable. Solara offers the flexibility to build complex apps, but keeps the simplicity of a small code base. We will compare Solara to Streamlit/Gradio and show their benefits and disadvantages.

AnyWidget is a Python library that simplifies creating and publishing custom Jupyter Widgets. No messy build configuration or complicated cookiecutter templates. It is not a new interactive widgets framework, but rather an abstraction for creating custom Jupyter Widgets using modern web standards.

Finally, we will see how Solara and AnyWidget synergize to create pure Python apps, demonstrating the complementary nature of these two powerful tools.


Full github repo