Exploiting User Movement for Position Detection

Speaker : The Dang Huynh
Date: 11/02/2015
Time: 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Location: LINCS Meeting Room 40


The major issue of indoor localization system is the trade-off between implementation cost and accuracy. A low-cost system which demands only few hardware devices could save the cost but often it turns out to be less reliable. Aiming at improving classical triangulation method that requires several reference points, this paper proposes a new method, called Two-Step Movement (2SM), which requires only one reference point (RP) by exploiting useful information given by the position change of a mobile terminal (MT), or the user movement. This method can minimize the number of reference points required in a localization system or navigation service and reduce system implementation cost. Analytical result shows that the user position can be thus derived and given in simple closed-form expression. Finally, simulation is conducted to demonstrate its effectiveness under noisy environment.