D-iteration: asynchronous distributed computation

Speaker : Dohy Hong
Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs
Date: 09/05/2012
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: LINCS Meeting Room 40


We present a first evaluation of the potential of an asynchronous distributed computation associated to the recently proposed approach, D-iteration: the D-iteration is a fluid diffusion based iterative method, which has the advantage of being natively distributive. It exploits a simple intuitive decomposition of the matrix-vector product as elementary operations of fluid diffusion associated to a new algebraic representation. We show through experiments on real datasets how much this approach can improve the computation efficiency when the parallelism is applied: with the proposed solution, when the computation is distributed over K virtual machines (PIDs), the memory size to be handled by each virtual machine decreases linearly with K and the computation speed increases almost linearly with K with a slope becoming closer to one when the number N of linear equations to be solved increases.