Cloud RAN for Mobile Networks—A Technology Overview

Speaker : Dalia Herculea
Nokia Bell Labs
Date: 09/05/2017
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Location: Telecom ParisTech (Main Building)


Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) is a novel mobile network architecture which can address a number of challenges the operators face while trying to support growing end user’s needs. The main idea behind C-RAN is to pool the Baseband Units (BBUs) from multiple base stations into centralized BBU Pool for statistical multiplexing gain, while shifting the burden to the high-speed wireline transmission of In-phase and Quadrature (IQ) data. C-RAN enables energy efficient network operation and possible cost savings on baseband resources. Furthermore, it improves network capacity by performing load balancing and cooperative processing of signals originating from several base stations.