All-day Workshop LINCS-SystemX

Speaker : Baccelli, Bassi, Benjemaa, Desoblin, Hajri, Kofman, Noirie, Potop-Butucaru, Singh, Toumi
LINCS + SystemX
Date: 23/10/2020
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


A one-day collaborative workshop gathering researchers from LINCS and engineers from SystemX who will share their ongoing research to consolidate joint R&D activities, to create synergies in the framework of new inspiring projects on networks, blockchain, V2X, cloud and AI.


09h00-09h30: Welcome. Introduction by LINCS and SystemX managements

Digital Security and  Blockchain:

    • 09h30-09h50: R&D topics on Blockchain. Maria Potop-Butucaru (Lincs)
    • 09h50-10h10: Blockchain@SystemX. Khalifa Toumi (SystemX)
    • 10h10-10h30: Cryptography@SystemX. Kalpana Singh (SystemX)
    • 10h30-10h50: Q&A and collaborations

Applied AI and IoT:

    • 11h00-11h20: Scikit-Network@Lincs. Thomas Bonald (Lincs)
    • 11h20-12h00: Applied AI and IoT@Lincs. Ludovic Noirie (Lincs)
    • 12h00-12h20: AI@SystemX. Hatem Hajri (SystemX)
    • 12h20-12h45: Q&A and collaborations

12h45-14h00: Lunch break

V2X & 5G:

    • 14h00- 14h30: Presentation of the project 5G-OpenRoad. Joëlle Gauthier (Systematic)
    • 14h30-14h45: Q&A and collaborations on 5G-OpenRoad
    • 14h45-15h30: V2X@Lincs and 5G@LINCS. François Baccelli (Lincs)
    • 15h30- 16h10: V2X@SystemX and 5G@SystemX. Ines Benjemaa and Francesca Bassi (SystemX)
    • 16h10-16h30: Q&A and collaborations
    • 16h30-17h00: Smart Grid @LINCS. Daniel Kofman (Lincs)

17h00-17:15: Wrap-up and collaborations

Conclusion of workshop n° 1