A Converse for Fault-tolerant Quantum Computation

Speaker : Avhishek Chatterjee
IIT Madras
Date: 08/02/2023
Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: Room 4B01


As techniques for fault-tolerant quantum computation keep improving, it is natural to ask: what is the fundamental lower bound on redundancy? In this paper, we obtain a lower bound on the redundancy required for $\epsilon$-accurate implementation of a large class of operations that includes unitary operators. For the practically relevant case of sub-exponential depth and sub-linear gate size, our bound on redundancy is tighter than the known lower bounds. We obtain this bound by connecting fault-tolerant computation with a set of finite blocklength quantum communication problems whose accuracy requirements satisfy a joint constraint. The lower bound on redundancy obtained here leads to a strictly smaller upper bound on the noise threshold for non-degradable noise. Our bound directly extends to the case where noise at the outputs of a gate are non-i.i.d. but noise across gates are i.i.d.
(This is a joint work with Uthirakalyani G, IIT Madras and Anuj K. Nayak, UIUC. No prior knowledge about quantum computation and communication will be assumed in this talk.)