Amélie Medem

Institution UPMC Sorbonne Universités
GroupFormer PhD students


Impact of power-law topology on IP-level routing dynamics: Simulation results,
Amélie Medem Kuatse, Clémence Magnien, Fabien Tarissan,
IEEE International Workshop on Network Science For Communication Networks (NetSciCom'12) 2012, Orlando, United States
Predicting Critical Intradomain Routing Events,
Amélie Medem Kuatse, Renata Teixeira, Nicolas Usunier,
The Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM 2010) 2010, Miami, Florida, United States
Joint analysis of network incidents and intradomain routing changes,
Amélie Medem Kuatse, Renata Teixeira, Nick Feamster, Mickaël Meulle,
The 6th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM 2010) 2010, Niagara Falls, Canada
Troubleminer: Mining network trouble tickets,
Amélie Medem Kuatse, Marc-Ismaël Akodjenou, Renata Teixeira,
1st IFIP/IEEE international workshop on Management of the Future Internet (Manfi2009) 2009, New York, United States
Characterizing network events and their impact on routing,
Amélie Medem Kuatse, Renata Teixeira, Mickaël Meulle,
ACM CoNEXT Student Workshop 2007, New York, United States

Journal article

Towards realistic modeling of IP-level routing topology dynamics,
Clémence Magnien, Amélie Medem Kuatse, Sergey Kirgizov, Fabien Tarissan,
Networking science 2013