ERC NEMO Workshop : 8 Days on Network Mathematics

Speaker : C. Bordenave, B. Roy Choudhury, P. Calka, H. Thorisson, A. Khezeli, E. O’Reilly, L. Decreusefond, R. Lachièze-Rey, R. Mazumdar, S. Foss, N. Gast, E. Luçon, M. Davydov, N. Curien, E. Löcherbach, S. Khaniha, A. Timar, G. Torrisi, A. Gaudillière
Date: 18/09/2023 - 27/09/2023
Time: All Day
Location: INRIA Paris


Between September 18th and September 27th, our partner INRIA is hosting a two-week informal international workshop with a primary focus on stochastic networks, spatial stochastic processes, and their dynamic aspects. The workshop will feature three thesis defenses and a series of one-hour lectures delivered by active researchers in this domain.

Titles and abstracts
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