Dynamic Cache Partitioning for Encrypted Content Delivery

Speaker : Andrea Araldo
Telecom ParisTech and Paris XI/LRI
Date: 07/09/2016
Time: 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Location: LINCS Meeting Room 40


In-network caching is an appealing solution to cope with the
increasing bandwidth demand of video, audio and data transfer over the
Internet. Nonetheless, an increasing share of content delivery services
adopt encryption through HTTPS, which is not compatible with
traditional ISP-managed approaches like transparent and proxy caching.
This raises the need for solutions involving both Internet Service
Providers (ISP) and Content Providers (CP): by design, the solution
should preserve business-critical CP information (e.g., content
popularity, user preferences) on the one hand, while allowing for a
deeper integration of caches in the ISP architecture (e.g., in 5G
femto-cells) on the other hand. In this paper we address this issue by
considering a content-oblivious ISP-operated cache. The ISP allocates
the cache storage to various content providers so as to maximize the
bandwidth savings provided by the cache: the main novelty lies in the
fact that, to protect business-critical information, ISPs only need to
measure the aggregated miss rates of the individual CPs. We propose a
cache allocation algorithm based on a perturbed stochastic subgradient
method, and prove that the algorithm converges to the allocation that
maximizes the overall cache hit rate. We use extensive simulations to
validate the algorithm and to assess its convergence rate under
stationary and non-stationary content popularities. Our results (i)
testify the feasibility of content-oblivious caches and (ii) show that
the proposed algorithm can achieve within 15% from the global optimum
in our evaluation. Joint work with Gyorgy Dan and Dario Rossi, to
appear at ITC28 [17]https://itc28.org/