COBRA: Lean Intra-domain Routing in NDN

Speaker : Michele Tortelli
Politecnico di Bari
Date: 22/01/2014
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: LINCS Meeting Room 40


Named Data Networking (NDN) is an emerging In-formation Centric Networking architecture based on hierarchicalcontent names, in-network caching mechanisms, receiver-driven operations, and content-level security schema. NDN networkingprimitives and routing are based on content names and thereforeefficient content discovery of permanent as well as temporarilyavailable cached copies is a key problem to address. This paper ex-amines current NDN approaches and proposes a fully distributed,content-driven, bloom filter-based intra-domain routing algorithm(COBRA), which outperforms previous solutions in this area.COBRA creates routes based on paths used previously for contentretrieval, and maintains routing information up-to-date with outthe need for extensive signaling between nodes. We evaluate COBRA using simulation and compare its performance with other established routing strategies over the European research network GEANT topology as an example of a ndnSIM core network. Our results illustrate that COBRA can significantly reduce overhead with respect to flood-based routing while ensuring hit distancesof the same
order as when using Dijkstra’s algorithm.joint work with L.A. Grieco, G. Boggia, and K. Pentikousis, appering in the Procedings of IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conf. (CCNC), 2014