Adaptive Video Streaming: Towards a systematic comparison of ICN and TCP/IP

Speaker : Jacques Samain
Cisco and Telecom ParisTech
Date: 04/10/2017
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: LINCS Seminars room


Streaming of video contents over the Internet isexperiencing an unprecedented growth. While video permeatesevery application, it also puts tremendous pressure in the network –to support users having heterogeneous accesses and expectinghigh quality of experience, in a furthermore cost-effectivemanner. In this context, Future Internet (FI) paradigms, suchas Information Centric Networking (ICN), are particularly wellsuited to not only enhance video delivery at the client (as in theDASH approach), but to also naturally and seamlessly extendvideo support deeper in the network functions.In this talk, we contrast ICN and TCP/IP with an experimentalapproach, where we employ several state-of-the-artDASH controllers (PANDA, AdapTech, and BOLA) on an ICN vsTCP/IP network stack. Our campaign, based on tools which wedeveloped and made available as open-source software, includesmultiple clients (homogeneous vs heterogeneous mixture, synchronousvs asynchronous arrivals), videos (up to 4K resolution),channels (e.g., DASH profiles, emulated WiFi and LTE, real3G/4G traces), and levels of integration with an ICN network(i.e., vanilla NDN, wireless loss detection and recovery at theaccess point, load balancing). Our results clearly illustrate, aswell as quantitatively assess, benefits of ICN-based streaming,warning about potential pitfalls that are however easy to avoid. Overall, our work constitutes a first milestonetowards a fair and complete assessment of fully fledged NDNvideo distribution systems, and their comparison with state ofthe art CDN technologies implemented over a classic TCP/IPstack, which is part of our ongoing work and that we briefly discuss. Part of this work will appear in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, October 2017 issue.